Agricultural mechanization for smallholder farmers to increase yields, productivity and incomes while reducing manual labour.

We provide agricultural mechanisation solutions and financing to smallholder farmers to increase productivity and incomes while reducing manual labour.

Who We Are

We are a Kenyan social enterprise created to provide agricultural mechanisation solutions and financing to smallholder farmers to increase productivity and incomes while reducing manual labour. By aggregating production from small-holder farmers, combined with mechanised services, access to finance and high-quality farm inputs, and intensive training emphasising climate-smart technologies, Nyabon has a proven track record of increasing agricultural productivity and farmers’ incomes while reducing physical labour and creating jobs for women and youth. 

What We Do

Agricultural Equipment Sales and Services.

We sell and service equipment that is packaged into mechanization solutions for smallholder farmers that improve, land preparations, cultivation, planting, weeding, crop protection and nutrition, harvesting, and post-harvest handling. In addition to equipment sales, we also provide mechanisation, farm inputs distribution, and crop aggregation services.

Mechanization Solutions and Services

This includes providing services to work with more farmers, prepare more land, and nurture growing crops through a variety of interventions.


Nyabon’s business model is based on strong partnerships that align the interests of all ecosystem participants. Our strong track record is exemplified by our selection to participate in donor funded projects including being the lead implementing partner in the Lake Region by Kilimo Trust for the Competitive Africa Rice Initiative (CARI-EA) program.

How We Do It

The Nyabon business model is an ecosystem of stakeholders working together with the common goal of developing crop value chains. It does this by aligning the interests of four key stakeholders who can all benefit financially from the model’s success.

Nyabon Enterprises Ltd

What Farmers Are Saying

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We Are Big On Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

CSA is now no longer a choice but a necessity. Nyabon promotes CSA by ensuring its mechanisation solutions incorporate climate smart equipment/ implements, crop production practices deployed are green (in the sense that they improve productivity and profitability while helping farmers adapt to the negative effects of climate change), and that farmers are trained in CSA practises in general. A partial list of these multiple climate-smart practices includes cover crops and crop rotation, reduced tillage, mulching, solar irrigation, improved water management, soil carbon sequestration to reduce greenhouse gases, and conservation-based agriculture to conserve soil moisture and improve soil fertility.

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Our Partners

Mastercard Foundation
VST Tractors
Equity Bank
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