bookkeeping clean up checklist

Karbon’s email integration and notifications hub, known as Triage, ensures all your internal and client communication is embedded into your workflow. You’ll have visibility over client communication, helping you see all conversations related to your bookkeeping jobs. Karbon’s client portal enables you to securely request and receive client information and documentation. See how much time and money Karbon’s client portal can save your firm with this time savings calculator.

bookkeeping clean up checklist

#8: Review Forecasted Cash Flow

Finally, with a steadier hand keeping the books and all incoming source documents fully accounted for, you can start addressing the problems you’ve found. This guide can’t anticipate every problem you might have discovered, but we can give you some ideas about issues common to businesses in your situation, and how you should plan to correct them. By creating a system for ongoing bookkeeping maintenance, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success. It will help you stay organized, minimize future clean-up efforts, and ensure accurate financial reporting. Train yourself or your team on proper bookkeeping practices and ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. This will help maintain consistency and accuracy in your financial records.

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Your company’s chart of accounts might not seem like a priority — until you notice a problem. If you are working with an electronic file, you will need to download the information from the client’s financial institutions or wait for your client to send you PDFs each month. Finally, if you have any physical records, go through them and organize them. They may help you find any missing information from all of your electronic transactions. Before you know it, it’s been months or even (yikes) years, since your bookkeeping has been properly updated.

Move to the Accrual Basis

One of the most important is a uniform process for invoicing and payments. One option is to use an app like TripData to capture how far you’ve traveled. Just apply the standard mileage rate, which incorporates expenses like gas and maintenance, and automate the process. Make sure to regularly update your spreadsheet because up to 88% of spreadsheets have errors¹, which can lead to accounting errors. Clean up your company’s books in one simple, coherent checklist by Acuity.

These services can help you claim the correct small-business tax credits and deductions, prepare your returns and file them. Even if a bookkeeping service has all of these add-ons, obsolete inventory they can be expensive, so be sure you understand the total cost before choosing a service. The more you know, the better choices you’ll make for the future of your business.

We’re here to help! Check out our catch up bookkeeping services to see if Acuity is the right fit for your team.

Both can be handled by getting organized, improving communication with clients, and automating tasks. Often, messy books are the result of a poor recordkeeping process. For spick and span books, you might consider upgrading your tried-and-true spreadsheet or paper records to software. You can also create adjusting entries to record depreciation and amortization, an allowance for doubtful accounts, and accrued revenue or expenses.

bookkeeping clean up checklist

An open vendor deposit is money your business has sent to a vendor, but the vendor hasn’t sent you a vendor invoice to use that money. The open vendor deposit reports show which orders are yet to be filled. Depending on when a check is deposited, it may not reflect in your account till the following day. If you have deposits in transit or outstanding checks, let your account reflect it so it all balances. With so many tasks competing for your attention, it can be especially difficult to maintain your quality of work. And for your staff performing bookkeeping, consistency is another goal that can be hard to reach.

bookkeeping clean up checklist

My checklist starts with two main sections – one is for client information and then the other is the actual cleanup checklist. Let’s define what I’m talking about just to make sure that we’re all on the same page. Organize all of your receipts and invoices so that they’re easily accessible. We recommend using a cloud-based accounting software to safely store your financial documents.

If you are working with a physical file, make sure you have all of the information from the business owner that you need before you begin the process. A few mistakes on your bookkeeping can seem like no big deal, but when the errors compound it can quickly snowball out of control. Our team of professional bookkeepers can clean up your books and help you keep your bookkeeping look neat and tidy while you continue to run your business. Enjoy accounting support specifically tailored to your business needs.

No accountant should ever “jump in” and start adjusting records without a plan. Accounting is a system of dependencies, and every entry affects at least one other account. A clean up plan establishes the proper order of adjustments to avoid blunders, excessive corrections, and duplication of work. Next, If you have any past due invoices, there is no better time to send them a reminder. On the other hand, confirm that you’ve settled all your vendor invoices or reach out to them if need be. These reports will let you know if there are any invoicing errors, incorrect transactions, or duplicate invoices you should account for.

  1. Not only will you pay less in clean up costs, but you can avoid penalties, maximize deductions, and make better financial decisions, making for a great return on your investment.
  2. These errors can range from simple data entry mistakes to more complex issues that require further investigation.
  3. Financial institutions allow access to bank feeds which allow you to import most transactions directly.
  4. TrendingAccounting is a top small business blog that shares information about accounting, bookkeeping, tax, finance, and auditing.

Once each document is accounted for, you can send it (or a copy) quickly to its final destination. Sometimes it’s convenient to pull out a personal credit card or cash. Resist the urge because this practice can create a quagmire that blurs the line between your finances and the finances of your business. Bookkeeping plays a critical role in your potential to maximize deductions. Examples include tracking mileage, organizing and executing payroll costs, and maintaining paperwork from accounts receivable.

When it comes to QBO cleanups, using a cleanup checklist will help you to stay organized and in control, and lead to successful QBO cleanups. There is a specific checklist that I use when tackling a QBO cleanup. I call it my QBO Colossal Cleanup Checklist (Available for purchase in the 5MB Academy linked here). Whether you’re using my checklist , or creating your own, there are some key pieces you’ll want to be sure are included.

If you struggle with disorganization in accounting, you need to know how to fix bad bookkeeping. Ask why you need to perform a cleanup project, then prepare to discuss your objectives with your finance team. When you’re building your business, you focus on attracting investors, establishing your brand, and managing logistics.

Ensure that your bank feeds are connected and identify any missing transactions or records that require updating. The next step will be to check your receivables to ensure that all overdue bills have been accurately recorded. The sum of money owed to your company by clients who still need to pay their invoices is called accounts receivable. Once you’ve done the bedrock work of reconciling your cash accounts, you can move on to other issues affecting your books. None will be as important as verifying your cash flow against source documents, but each of them contributes to an accurate picture of your business and its true value.

Mining, a notoriously difficult sector to predict, has oscillated between growth and decline for the past five years. The sector remains slightly below pre-pandemic levels and 9.5% below the most recent employment peak in 2014. Still, projected declines amount to just over 120 jobs for the small sector. Similarly, the relatively small Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting sector has seen fluctuations, but long-term growth overall. After averaging a pandemic-related employment decline from 2019 to 2022, Health Care & Social Assistance returned to robust annual growth of 3.9% into 2023. Already the largest industry in the state, Health Care & Social Assistance alone is expected to account for over a third (20,782) of all projected job gains (see Figure 3).

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