Land Preparation Services

Quality land preparations kills weeds, incorporates manure and other organic matter in the soil, destroy different stages of crop pest such as larva or adult stages by burying them and exposing them to heat, encourage the penetration of roots in the soil, make subsequent operation easy and encourages water penetration in the soil.

Land Preparation Services

Primary Cultivation

This is the initial opening of land either after land clearing or following a previous crop.

Primary cultivation should be done well before the onset of rains to allow for all operations to be done in good time.

Why Primary Cultivation

How we do it

Secondary Cultivation

These are operations which follow the primary cultivation and means seedbed refinement practices before planting, also called harrowing or wet puddling in paddy rice production

Harrowing breaks up clods in the soil and surface crusts, very precise cultivation, Improves soil aeration and surface uniformity; Good for eliminating the weeds and kills the already emerged weeds and pulverizes the soil thoroughly.

Why Secondary Cultivation Matters

Implements used for secondary cultivation are: tractor drawn disc harrows, spring tine harrows and rotary plough.

Rotavator helps in breaking down soil and leveling of land. It is equally important in Seedbed preparation for sowing. Rotavator is used in primary and secondary tillage. It is cost effective as it reduces the amount of fuel used and the amount of time spent by the farmer.

Tertiary Operations

These are operations carried out to suit production of certain crops. They are carried out after land clearing primary cultivation and secondary tillage.

Conservation Agriculture


This is the process of cultivating the soil for the purpose of breaking up the hard pans which might have formed as a result of continuous use of heavy machinery in land preparation. Implements used in sub soiling are:

Minimum Tillage

This is the application of a combination of farming practices aimed at least disturbance to the soil.

How To Achieve Minimum Tillage

Why Use Minimu Tillage

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