Mechanization Services

Nyabon provides mechanization services to farmers who cannot afford to own their own agricultural equipment.

Land Preparation

Land preparations involve all those activities that make land suitable for planting e.g. ploughing, harrowing, ridging, wet puddling in case of rice, etc.  Nyabon’s variety of equipment addresses different soil types and other conditions which allows the optimal solution including lower cost and efficient 2 wheel tractors.

Planting & Transplanting

Manual planting of crops is still widespread in Africa. While planting manually, seeds or seedlings are not properly spaced which causes poor distribution of the plants, a phenomenon associated with lower crop yields. Appropriate planting mechanisation fixes this problem with reduced labour and time and allows mechanized weeding and harvesting.

Weeding & Spraying

Weeds affect the growth of plants surrounding them by competing for nutrients, soil, water, and space. In cases of younger or smaller plants, some weeds even overpower the young plants. If left unchecked, the weeds may obstruct the function of farm machinery that is used for cultivation. The Power Ox removes weeds at early stage of growth when they are easily removed without damage to the plant.


Harvest is one of the most delicate parts of the grain and cereals production journey. Grains and Cereals play a major role in the human diet. Additionally, grain and cereal production is the main source of income for majority of farmers.  Nyabon’s 2 wheel tractors and implements allow timely harvesting with a minimum of crop waste.

Threshing & Winnowing

Threshing is the process of separation of grain from the stalk on which it develops and from the chaff or unit that covers it.  Nyabon’s winnowing equipment is highly efficient resulting in minimum loss and exposure to weather and pests.


In order to produce food, farmers need farm inputs, such as seeds, fertiliser, pesticides, packaging materials, haulage from field to processing or market and a variety of other uses.