We work with reputable partners to achieve the common goal of empowering our smallholder farmers and feeding the nation



Kilimo Trust



Kisumu County Government

Nyabon has a long and successful history of partnering with organizations that have aligned interests in improving incomes and livelihoods for smallholder farmers, reducing manual labour and creating jobs for women and youth.  Examples of our successful partnerships are below. Please contact us to learn more about how Nyabon’s integrated mechanisation solutions and other services could help you.

ifdc partnership with nyabon enterprise ltd


IFDC was created to promote healthier soils and plants for a food-secure and environmentally sustainable world. From 2015 – 2018 Nyabon partnered with them on a 2SCALE PROJECT that focused on establishing agribusiness clusters built around business champions. Champions are entrepreneurial producer organizations or local SMEs that trade or process farmers’ produce. By providing support to these clusters, 2SCALE is developing products and markets for local consumer markets, preferably at the pyramid’s base.
Through this partnership, Nyabon tested, refined and improved its “Aggregator Model” and now Kisumu County is piloting and scaling up rice production and introducing leguminous crops for rotational farming to restore soil health.

IMC world wide-Connect to Grow Programme supported by DFID

With support from the UK’s DFID, Nyabon partnered with IMC Worldwide under the Connect to Grow program to support commercial enterprises and South to South partnerships which promote proven agricultural innovations from India to Africa. Through this partnership, Nyabon and VST Shakti (India) introduced various agricultural innovations and technologies to Kenya between 2017/18.

DFID partnership with Nyabon Enterprise Ltd
Kilimo Trust partnership with Nyabon Enterprises Ltd


In partnership with Kilimo Trust under the Competitive African Rice Initiative, Nyabon worked with various partners to empower paddy rice farmers to increase the competitiveness of domestic rice while raising their income. During the project, Nyabon reached over 3000 farmers with training and capacity building, access to mechanization, finance, agronomic and field support, risk mitigation, value addition, and market access.


While working with Kilimo Trust under the Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI-EA), AGRA and IFAD got very interested in the Nyabon model and the mechanisation solutions Nyabon was rolling out to improve the production of paddy with smallholder famers. This led IFAD to invest in professionally documenting the Nyabon’s solutions which have now been posted on IFAD’s rural solutions portal.

AGRA partnership with Nyabon Enterprise Ltd
Kisumu County Govt in partnership with Nyabon Enterprises Ltd

Kisumu County Government

Nyabon has an active and ongoing partnership with the Kisumu County Government to ensure food security by enhancing agribusiness and the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. Given the huge agricultural potential in the county, the partnership is based on the Kisumu County Integrated Development Plan, whose goal is to revitalize agriculture for food security while developing and promoting agribusinesses.


Through partnership with Nyabon, Our goal is to produce a variety of implements for planting, cultivation, harvest, post-harvest, and more.

These implements will be built to last and fully supported by Tilmor and distributed by Nyabon, making it easy to find and purchase the equipment you need to maintain your farm.


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