Planting And Transplanting

Manual planting of crops is still wide spread in Africa whereas while planting manually, seeds or seedlings are planted inaccurately and due to the poor distribution of seeds/seedlings it causes low rate of produce.

Land Preparation Services

A planter/Seed drill/Transplanter ensures that sowing crop seeds/seedlings into the soil is done in an evenly manner by metering out the position and covering them to a fixed average depth. The planter/trans planter sows the seeds at equivalent distances and correct depth, so that the seeds/seedlings get covered in soil and be safe from pests and birds.

Nyabon Enterprises Ltd is equipped with appropriate planting and transplanting solutions compatible with High HP Tractors, Low/Medium HP Tractors and Walking Tractors which can provide planting and transplanting services based on the crop variety and farm size.

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