Agricultural Equipments

Mechanization through agricultural equipment to help you improve productivity and incomes while reducing manual labour

vst shakti 130 DI power tiller

VST Shakti Power Tiller

VST Shakti 130Di Multipurpose tiller used for ploughing, harrowing, rotavation, transportation, water pumping and milling. It can be used to power any pulley driven implement.

VST Shakti HP Tractor 929 DI

VST 929 DI EGT tractor has a 28 HP engine with 3 cylinders and the best engine capacity CC, ensuring good mileage on the field.
It is one of the most powerful 2 wheel tractors with high market demand and the potential to offer high performance during farm operations.

VST Shakti HP Tractor 929 DI
Tilmor Power Ox two wheel tractor

Tilmor Power Ox - Two Wheel Tractor

Tilmor Tractor 520 Series

The Tilmor tractor is simple because of our unwavering pursuit to produce products that balance ease of use, ease of maintenance, reliability, and affordability to allow access by growers at many different scales and ranges of diversification.

Tilmor Tractor 520 Series
Solanka Solis 60

Solanika Solis 60 RX 4WD

Solanika Solis 75 RX 4WD

Solanika Solis 75 DI