Elite Bag, founded in 2014 under Elite Innovations Ltd, is now owned by Nyabon Enterprises Ltd, a Kenyan social enterprise dedicated to supporting smallholder farmers. They manufacture storage bags and provide agricultural mechanization solutions and financing, aiming to boost production and incomes for farmers.


Understanding the Hermetic System of Grain Storage
  • Sealed or hermetic storage systems effectively control grain moisture and pest activity in tropical regions.
  • These systems create an airtight barrier between the grain and the external atmosphere.
  • Grain moisture content remains stable when sealed, and biological activities inside the bag consume oxygen, eliminating pests without pesticides.
  • Hermetic systems provide a pesticide-free solution for long-term grain storage.


– Low-cost
solution for long-term cereal storage without insecticides or chemicals.

– Creates
a hermetic environment that kills insects within 5-6 days and prevents mold and
aflatoxin growth.

– Suitable
for maize, rice, beans, sorghum, millet, and cowpeas.

Capacity: 105kg, with 3 layers (two heavy-duty liners plus outer gunny bag).

– Reusable
for up to 5 seasons, reducing post-harvest losses effectively.


– Enhances feed values up to 200% compared to dry grain for dairy farmers.

– Capacity: approximately 300kg, Size: 1m x 2.5m.

– UV treated for durability in sunlight, reducing replacement costs.

– White exterior and black interior optimize fermentation temperatures.

– Advanced five-layer barrier technology for quick and efficient silage production.