Sonalika Solis DI 75 4WD

This Solanoka Solis 60Rx 4WD will help your reduce your farming costs by 20% as you save the time involved in land preparations. 


Benefits of Sonalika Solis DI 75 4WD

  • The Solis 75 is designed for comfort and ease of use whilst completing your tasks.
  • Easy to manoeuvre around your farm or small holding.
  • Designed with power steering and a synchromesh gear box, it has plenty of leg room to give you more comfort.
  • Has a 4WD Front Axle for better traction. Suitable for muddy operation better steering angle for sharp turning

Uses & Application of Sonalika Solis DI 75 4WD

Technical Details

Sonalika Solis DI 75 4WD in Action

Detailed Specifications of Sonalika Solis DI 75 4WD

HP Category: 75

No. of Cylinders: 4

Rated rpm: 2200

Aircleaner: Dry

Clutch: Independent

Transmission type: Constantmesh with Side Shift and Synchro Shuttle

No. of Gears: 12F+12R


Lift Capacity2200 Kg
SteeringPower Steering
Fuel tank capacity65L
Front tyres190.5mm – 406.4mm (7.50 – 16)
Rear tyres429.26mm – 762mm (16.9 – 30)

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